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What’s an SRV record?

The SRV Record identifies the host(s) that will support particular services. The SRV record is a general purpose name server record to discover any service. The SRV record allows control over prioritisation of delivery and usage.
The theory behind SRV is that given a domain name, for instance,, and a service name, for example, web (http) which runs on a protocol (tcp in the web case), a DNS query may be issued to find the host name that provides such a service for the domain - and which may, or may not, be within the domain.

  • Owner : Owner for this record (must be a hostname within this domain). E.g. means "http traffic via the tcp protocol within the domain".
  • Priority : Priority for this record (0 to 65535). The lowest number indicate the highest priority.
  • Weight : If you use more services with the same priority, you can define a weight (0 to 65535). 0 indicate that no weighting should be applied. If the weight is 1 or higher the record with the highest number will be delivered most frequently.
  • Port : Port where the service is assigned.
  • Target : Hostname that will provide the service. Does not have to be in the same domain, but must be a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

Example: 1 1 80
An application for instance can now ask the DNS server which site supports http traffic via tcp on The DNS server will reply that on gate 80 offers such a service. So the application knows that is the place to be for http traffic via the tcp protocol.
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