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How do I add and use Web Parts?

Add Web Parts to your Sharepoint:

  1. Open your Sharepoint and click "Site Actions" > "Site Settings".

  2. Go to "Galleries" in the next window and click "Web Parts".

  3. You get now an overview of all active Web Parts on your Sharepoint, you can configure them by clicking on the name.

  4. Add a new Web Part by clicking on "Documents" > "Upload document".

  5. Upload the webpart to your sharepoint site by clicking on the button "Browse"

  6. The new Web Parts are now visible ("New" in green), you can configure them by clicking on them.

Use Web Parts in your Sharepoint pages:

  1. Navigate in your Sharepoint to the page where you want the Web Part to be incorporated.
  2. Right-click "Site Actions" > "Edit Page".

  3. Click on "Insert" under "Editing tools". Choose "Web Part"

  4. Select the desired Web Part in the pop-up window and click "Add"

  5. The Web Part has been added to your Sharepoint and is ready for use.
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