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How do I create a Scheduled Task in Windows Server 2003?

A lot of tasks in Windows can be automated by using script files. To run a program or script you need to create a scheduled task.
You will find the Task Scheduler in the Windows control panel.

You will get an overview of all tasks regardless of whether they are created by you or others. Some programs can carry out tasks independently e.g. an automatic check for application updates.

You can add a task by clicking on “Add Scheduled Task”.

A wizard will appear. Click ’Next’

You will get an overview of all programs on your server or PC. If the program is not listed, you can browse to it through the ’Browse’ button but you can always change settings later.

Click Next. Dependent on the choices you made a window, where you can specify several criteria, will appear.
For example, if you choose the option Weekly the following screen will appear:

You may have to fill in the administrative password of your server or PC on the next screen. The last screen gives you the possibility to choose more advanced settings to run your task.

This screen looks as follows :

The task description. Here you can choose the program or script again in case you did not find the appropriate program at the beginning of the procedure.

The Schedule tab states the time to run the task and you get the opportunity to select more advanced settings e.g. you can configure start and end date, repeat a task.

You can add extra settings in the Settings tab.

You can adapt the security settings in the Security tab.

Once you have configured the settings, you can right-click the task in the task view to see its properties. The window you’ve already seen by ticking the Advanced Settings while creating the task, will pop-up again.

As a result the following window will reappear

In case of problems right-click the task and select start or stop. Follow the same procedure to remove, rename, copy and paste a task.

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