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How do I create a Scheduled Task in Windows Server 2008?

Windows Server 2008 contains an improved version of the Windows Task Scheduler. Open the program via the Server Manager or via Start, All programs, Accessories, System tools. Navigate through the list on the left to Server Manager | Configuration > Task Scheduler.


A trigger is an event that causes the scheduled action to occur. You can create such action in the Windows Task Scheduler.
The Windows Task Scheduler in Windows Server 2008 allows you to execute a task at a certain moment but that’s not all. You have also the option of sending an e-mail (with or without an attachment) or of displaying a message in a window.

You can also set conditions for triggers before executing a task e.g. you want the computer to be connected to the supply; if the computer is in hibernation you need to decide if the computer should wake up or not; you want the computer to have a network connection etc…
Windows allows you to pre-configure all these conditions so that the Windows Task Scheduler knows under which circumstances the task needs to be executed.

Settings are similar to conditions but are used once the task is already running. So you can tell Windows what to do if the task fails or runs too long. You can also determine what to do after a task has finished. You can also force a task to stop under certain situations or delete an expired task.

Creating a Task
Creating a task is very simple.
A. Click the "Create Basic Task" link you find under the "Actions tab" of the Task Scheduler
B. The "Create Basic Task Wizard" appears. This wizard contains the next steps:
1. Enter a task name. Enter a description next to "Description".
2. Click Next. You are now in the Task Trigger screen. You can enter the event to start the task here. Most of them are related to schedules (hour, day, week, month, ...) Or you can have Windows automatically run the task when starting or closing the server etc.

3. Click Next. You get other options dependent on the choices made in the previous screen.

4. Click Next. You are now in the Actions window where you determine which action Windows needs to do once a task has started.

5. Click Next. Another options screen appears dependent on the choices you made in the previous screen, or you will be asked to enter any extra information. For example, if you choose the option to send an e-mail you will be asked to enter the SMTP server, mail address etc.

6. Next. The next screen shows you a summary of the created task. Please note that a checkbox is provided where you can ask Windows to show the task properties. It’s useful to tick this option and to open the General tab when opening the properties. Under the tab General you can define if you need to log in or not, you can also determine which user holding privileges needs to be active to perform such task.

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