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How do I restart my server?

You can restart your server in two ways:

  • Soft Reboot: you log in on your server via Remote Desktop, SSH or your Plesk console and you restart the server. If, for whatever reason, you can’t reach your server anymore you might have to do a Hard Reboot.
  • In case of a Hard Reboot a signal is sent to our powerswitch which will interrupt the power supply and stop your server. All servers have been configured to restart automatically after a supply interruption. You can do a Hard Reboot via your account ( https://mycloud.telenet.beĀ ). Once logged in, click "Servers & Cloud" on the left. You will see your server details. You will find the link "Hard Reboot" near "Actions" at the bottom of the page. If you click on it the server will restart. Dependent on the number of services being launched when starting your server and the operating system and hardware of your server it may take a few minutes before your server is available again.

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