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How do I configure name servers for my domain name?

You can configure the DNS for your domain names online.



- Log in on our website with your account via the button "MyAccount" or directly via the link .
- Click on the link "Domain names"
- Click on the domain name whose DNS you’d like to adapt or change. You’re now able to view your domain settings.

The following options will appear.



1. Information: Here you will find general information on your domain name. You also have the possibility to lock (if allowed by the registry) or park your domain.



2. Name servers: Here you can choose to use the Telenet - Hostbasket name servers, your own name servers or to use the Telenet - Hostbasket name servers as secondary name server. In case you have your own DNS (Domain Name Server) and you would like to use the Hostbasket DNS as secondary DNS, our DNS will then pick up your DNS server settings. It is thus important to correctly configure your own DNS.



3. Resource records: Here you can configure the Hostbasket DNS by adding, removing or adjusting the necessary A/CNAME/MX records.



4. Forwarding: Here you can forward your domain name to an existing website or e-mail address.



5. Contacts: Here you will find the contact details for your domain name which you can adapt here.



6. Tasks: In this section you will find the task list for your domain.

Any adjustments made in your customer account at DNS level will be processed by our internal system. This can take a few minutes/hours (in case of changing the DNS server). It also depends on the tld of your domain name (.be, .com, .org, .eu, ...).

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