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What are service credits?

Service credits are prepaid support interventions. The service credits can be used for all billable support interventions.Support for Hostbasket services is included in the monthly subscription.
However, some support tasks must be paid extra because they are not included in the default service :

  • Restore a file you deleted from backup.
  • Install extra software (which is not installed by default) on a server.
  • Backup on DVD.
  • ....

Service credits were developed to simplify the invoicing of support interventions (mostly very small fees).You can purchase 25 service credits for 250 euros.

They don’t have an expiry date. You will find an overview of your service credits on our myaccount website.Service credits are deducted from your balance for each billable intervention. 2 service credits will be invoiced per 15 minutes work during business hours. Please view our support agreement for interventions after business hours.
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