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What to do in case of server unavailability at night?

All Dedicated and Colocation servers can be rebooted (Hard Reboot) through the Powerswitch to which they are connected: via MyAccount the server can be powered off a few moments and then reactivated.
(You will find this option at the bottom of the Server Detail page)
In case of a Virtual Server (FLEX server) you will find this option under Virtual Server Details => Actions
Attention: a hard reboot is ONLY done if a remote server management is no longer possible (through RDP or SSH). A hard reboot may result in a server crash. Hostbasket is not responsible for any HardWare/OS damage after a hard reboot!


If the server is still unavailable, there are  2 other options :
The customer has a 24/7 Premium contract :
o      Support can be contacted on a special number which can be found in the  MyAccount of the customers who signed up for this contract
o    A CRITICAL 24/7 TICKET can be created  via MyAccount
Please provide us with any useful information in that case!


The customer has no 24/7 Premium contract:
This means that you can contact Hostbasket only during business hours. If desired, you can sign up for a 24/7 Premium contract for minimum 1 year via your Account manager.
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