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What is the difference between a private and a public cloud?

The difference between a private cloud and a public cloud is simple. In case of a public cloud the cloud infrastructure is used by various companies, in case of a private cloud the cloud infrastructure is set up for one company.

In case of public clouds you only pay for the resources and services you really use. Users can easily up- and downgrade or set up new servers. They don’t need to invest in hardware. The public cloud provider makes sure there is enough capacity in the cloud.

In case of a private cloud, the cloud is not shared outside the company. Hardware is reserved for one company only. When extra capacity is needed extra hardware (a node) will be added to the pool.

A private cloud is useful for bigger companies or companies with lots of servers or in case of any specific safety measures that public clouds cannot offer.

Private cloud: Your advantages

1. You are in full control without any restrictions.
2. It is safer because you are the only one who uses this cloud and thus configures all security parameters.
3. More flexible; set up servers whenever you need them.
4. Increased efficiency: hardware resources are guaranteed.

Combine an internal server infrastructure with an external, private cloud.


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