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What’s the difference between a temporary and permanent redirect?

What’s a 301 redirect (Moved Permanently)?

The code 301 assigns a status to a page; one of the most generally known is 404 – which means that the page couldn’t be found.
A 301 redirect is used to report to search engines or browsers that the visited page is permanently moved to another address.

What does a 301 redirect mean to Google?

If a page is moved to a new location, you’d like to report this to Google (or to another search engine). By using a 301 redirect, the ranking of your old page will be transferred to the new page!
Incoming links will also be transferred to the new site and search engines will better index the website content.

What’s a 302 redirect (Found)?

A temporary redirect is also called a 302 redirect. It’s a temporary redirect, e.g. to inform visitors that the website is under construction.

What does a 302 redirect mean to Google?

A 302 redirect may impact on search engine optimization. There are countless examples of sites and pages that couldn’t be found by Google because of the use of 302s. The search engine receives the message that the page is moved but that it cannot be removed yet. As a result search engines leave the old page in place and don’t index the new page.

For search engine optimization a 301 redirect is a better option. In case of a 301 command the search engine is told to remove the old page and to index the new one.

A 307 temporary redirect is the successor of the 302 and was introduced with HTTP/1.1. This means that previous versions of HTTP/1.1 may have difficulties to understand a 307 redirect.

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