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Install Joomla 2.5

  1. Download the latest version of Joomla on the following site:
  2. Upload all files to your wwwroot folder
  3. Surf to your website to start the installation of Joomla
  4. Select the installation language on the following screen (other languages can be added afterwards in the Joomla admin panel)

  5. After you have chosen the language, Joomla will check whether the system requirements are met on the server.

  6. On the next page you should read and accept Joomla’s licence. Click "Next"

  7. Connect to your database, you will find your database information in MyAccount

  8. Next, you can set your FTP configuration, you will find this information in MyAccount (most users can skip this step)

  9. On the following page you can specify your site name and create the admin user (this admin user will allow you to manage your website afterwards)
    You can also choose to "Install sample data", then you will get a predefined website once the installation is finished (which you may change/remove yourself afterwards).

  10. You will receive a confirmation that Joomla has been successfully installed. In order to access your Joomla website you must remove the "Installation" directory from your FTP or click the button "Remove installation folder"

  11. When surfing to your website you will now see the Joomla website

  12. When navigating to you will be able to log in on the Joomla control panel with the admin user information. You can now configure all settings.

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