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Detailed specifications and information about Exchange 2007/2010

General information:

Our general Exchange 2007/2010 server:
  • Exchange server:
If you would like to configure your Mail Client as POP3 on Exchange, you will need the following settings:
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • Incoming mail server:
You can also use Outlook Web Access, which you can access through the following URL:
There are some limits on your Hostbasket mailbox:
  • Maximum outgoing mail size: 50MB
  • Maximum incoming mail size: 50MB
  • Alert mailbox size limit: at 75%.
  • No more e-mails sent: at 100%.
  • No more e-mails sent or accepted: at 120%.
  • Maximum number of e-mails that can be sent simultaneously: 5000
  • How long do my e-mails remain in the deleted items?: 14 days ("Deleted items" in Outlook.)
  • How long can I ask Hostbasket for a mailbox restore?: 30 days (in case the mailbox is deleted in myaccount).

Used ports on our Exchange 2007/2010 environment:

When configuring your Mail Client, you will need to specify ports in some cases:
  • POP3 Secure: TCP port 995
  • POP3 non-secure: TCP port 110
  • IMAP non-secure: TCP port 143
  • IMAP Secure: TCP port 993
  • SMTP Auth secure (with authentication): TCP port 587
  • HTTPS (secure): TCP port 443

Data limits per package:

Each package also has storage capacity limits, keep this in mind in order to be sure that mails can be delivered/stored correctly.
  • Office Mail Only: 100MB  
  • Office Mail Only XL: 1GB
  • Office Mail Connect S: 1GB
  • Office Mail Connect M: 2GB
  • Office Mail Connect L: 6GB
  • Office Mail Connect XL: 10GB
  • Office Mail Connect BlackBerry M: 2GB
  • Office Mail Connect BlackBerry XL: 10GB
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