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What are the advantages of Exchange 2010?

The new version of Exchange helps companies to reduce their costs, increases the availability of their e-mail environment and enables users to deal more rapidly with their e-mail. Some advantages:

  1. Quicker storage and larger mailboxes. Compared to Exchange Server 2007, storage and data retrieval have become more rapid with Exchange Server 2010. Security of stored data is also improved. A mailbox size of 1-2 GB will become realistic.
  2. Built-in archiving. Exchange 2010 enables employees to create their personal archives. E-mail storage and searches in multiple mailboxes have also been simplified.
  3. Improved Outlook Web Access (OWA). Exchange Server 2010 integrates new features in OWA, such as multi-browser support (e.g. Firefox and Safari), side-by-side comparison of calendars and integration of a control panel to assign user rights.
  4. Cloud-friendly. Exchange 2010 is multi-tenant, so the mailboxes are able to run in the cloud: you can read your mails at any time or place.
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