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Additional services on dedicated servers

The following is a summary of additional services available for your dedicated server:


Your server, as ordered, includes a limited amount of bandwidth (also referred to as data transfer or monthly traffic) per month:

•    Evolve: 250 GB
•    Value: 500 GB
•    Perform:  1 TB
Using more than what is included? Up to the last working day of the month you can order extra bandwidth at a special rate, or you can opt for billing based on actual use.
You can check the amount of bandwidth used so far, in real time, under ‘Monitoring’ on the MyAccount site. Click ‘Servers & Cloud’ in the navigation panel at the left. Select the reference for the server concerned in the middle of the screen. You will find ‘Monitoring’ at the left.


Depending on which server you have chosen, it is possible to perform a full data backup to create backup copies of your files and databases. You can make a backup yourself at any time or use a script that periodically runs on your server.
In addition, you can upgrade your backup facility to a daily automatic backup.

Daily automatic backup

When an automatic backup is enabled on your server, all files that are not locked are backed up every night. These backups are maintained for 4 days.

Patches and updates

Your Windows server is configured to automatically download patches for the operating system. Log in frequently and regularly install the latest security patches and updates for your server and applications to keep your server secure and efficient.
You can leave the management of patches & updates to Telenet/Hostbasket. We then install the latest patches and updates after we have tested them.

Support contract

We offer two types of support contracts: Standard and Premium.
With Standard Support (included with all types of servers), you can make use of first line support during office hours (on weekdays from 8:00 to 19:00) both through a ticketing system and by phone.
Standard Support provides support for the use of our control panels, basic support for the installed software and break-fix support during office hours.
For support tasks that are not included as part of the standard service or tasks that must be performed more quickly than established in the SLA, Service Credits are required.
In addition to Standard Support you can also use 24/7 Premium Support for time-critical interventions, no matter what the hour of the day or the day of the week. Premium Support is only provided on the basis of Service Credits.
You can upgrade your Standard Support contract to a Premium Support contract for 100 euros per month (incl. 50 Service Credits).

Other services

Telenet/Hostbasket offers many additional services to make your server more secure and keep the management as simple as possible for you:
•    Complete management of your server
•    Managed storage
•    Antivirus for your server
•    Antivirus and antispam for mailboxes
•    Security scan of your server
•    .....
For more information please contact your Account Manager or our sales staff by phone on 09 326 90 95 or send us an email.
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