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Up- or Downgrade Licences in CloudOffice


Up- or Downgrade Licences in CloudOffice


Note: It is not possible to delete a license in MyCloud when it is still being used by an Office 365 account. If you want to up- or downgrade an Office 365 account, use the following procedure:

Add a new license in MyCloud

1.       Go to the MyCloud website:

2.       Login with your MyCloud credentials.



3.       Once logged on, click on Shared Hosting



4.       Click on the reference domain of your CloudOffice package.

5.       You will now see which licenses are available on the CloudOffice package. Click on Manage Active  Licenses


 6.       You will now be able to add the required licenses. Just write the required quantity of licenses in the checkbox, click on Save.




7.       After 15-20 minutes your license will be available in your CloudOffice package.

Change the license in Office 365

1.       Go to the Microsoft Online Portal (MOP):

2.       Login with a user account that has Administrator rights. We provided the credentials of a user account with administrator rights when your CloudOffice package was created. 

3.       When you are logged on go to the Admin page of Office. There are two ways of accessing the admin page.

a.       Click on the Admin tile in the start screen.





b.       Click on the applications tile in the left upper corner, then chose admin.



4.       If you want to see which licenses are active/available in your CloudOffice package you can click on the link Billing in the left menu of the dashboard and then click on Licenses. Here you will see the licenses that you have selected in MyCloud.




5.       In the dashboard page, go to Users, Active Users.



6.       Double click on the user that requires an up- or downgrade.

7.       You will now be able to go to the License options by choosing the Licenses link in the left menu.



8.       Select the correct license, Click on Save.

Remove the old license in MyCloud

Note: There must always be one license active on a CloudOffice package.

Now you have assigned a new license to a user in the CloudOffice package, but the old license is still present. This means that you are still paying for a license that you are not using. This unused license can be removed in the MyCloud.

1.       Open the MyCloud website:

2.       Login with your MyCloud credentials.

3.       Go to Shared Hosting and then click on Manage Active Licenses.


4.       Remove the unused license by changing the amounts to the number of licenses used in your package, click Save.


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