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Who is the owner of my domain name?

Hostbasket always registers your domain name in your own name (or in any other name you prefer). You are the legal owner (also called LICENSEE or REGISTRANT). For example, with .be domain names, this process has been recorded in the DNS.BE agents’ contract.


The Licensee or Registrant may be a physical person or a company/an organization. If, during the registration, a company name or organization has been indicated, then this company is the owner of the domain, no matter the contact person.


Beware of hosting companies who register their own name as legal owner of your domain name! The domain name is then the property of that company and not yours. This can lead to difficulties later on when you should transfer your domain name, or worse, the company can resell your domain name to your competitors.

You can find the owner of a particular domain name in the Whois database .
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