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What is Forwarding? What is the difference between URL redirect and URL forward?

As long as you host your website elsewhere, the domain name that you have registered with Telenet has to point to that location. This is called URL forwarding.

You can forward a URL in 2 ways:

  1. Cloaked forwarding: the domain name remains in your browsers address bar while in the background it refers to the correct location.
    - Your visitors don’t notice that you are using the free web space provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) which might appear more professional.
    - You can add meta tags.
    - When your visitors reach your website through a direct url ex. they will receive a 404 error (page not found);
    - You site will receive lower scores or won’t even appear at all in search engines like Google.

  2. Redirect: the domain name in the address bar changes into the actual location your website is hosted.
    Disadvantage: your visitors notice that you are using the free web space provided by your ISP which might be considered unprofessional.

Our solution: combine your domain name with a Hostbasket hosting solution and benefit at the same time from our excellent support and infrastructure.

URL forwarding is a free service at Telenet.

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