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What is an MX-record (Mail eXchanger)?

An MX-record or Mail exchanger record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) specifying how e-mail should be routed using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Each MX record contains a priority and a host name (part that comes after the @), so that the collection of MX records for a given domain name points to the servers that should receive e-mail for that domain, and their priority relative to each other.

E.g.: MX 10 MX 50

Important! The host name contained in an MX-record must have an A-record. CNAME-records or IP-addresses are prohibited in an MX record data. For and there has to be an A record.

Example of A-record:
Host name: mail
IP-address: (this should be the IP-address of your mail server)

Now your mail server has the name which can be used in the MX-record.

Example of MX-record
Mail Exchanger:
Priority: 10

All e-mail sent to will be sent to the mail server with IP address
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