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What is a transfer?

In brief: a change of agent.

A domain name is linked to its legal owner (or licensee), not to the agent who manages that domain name. This means that you can decide at any moment to move (transfer) your domain name to another agent while the owner remains the same.

During the transfer, the configuration of your domain name (e.g. for your website and e-mail) remains unaltered. After the transfer you can log in on our website to change the configuration (for example to make use of Hostbasket name servers).

This has to be confirmed by the licensee via a link in an email sent by the registry or registrar or by fax signed by the licensee (when the name of an organisation or company is mentioned in the WHOIS database, that fax must be printed on paper with logo of that organisation/company).

=> Read more on the transfer procedure
=> Start your domain transfer

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