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How do I choose between Mail Plus and Office Mail?

While Mail Plus is confined to private and professional e-mail traffic, Office Mail offers a solution where efficient communication and cooperation are the main focus through Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

Comparative table

 Mail PlusOffice Mail
For whom Send and receive emails without investing in your own mail server. Powerful mailboxes with extra cooperation features.
Type of mail hosting
POP3 server/OWA/IMAP
Based on MS Hosted Exchange
Microsoft Exchange 2007
E-mail through your own domain name Yes Yes
Reading Mail MS Outlook (Express), Thunderbird, Eudora,... or Outlook Web Access Access from anywhere to your messages, calendar, tasks and contacts via MS Outlook, webmail, Blackberry or a Windows Mobile 6 PDA, ïPhone, iPad, Android ...
Anti-virus & Anti-spam
Sender Base Reputation
Sender Base Reputation + Full Blown (all options) Anti-virus/Anti-spam
Storing e-mails
On your local computer
(if POP3 is installed)
On our Exchange server
Daily backup servers Yes, of the mails on the server Yes
Possibilities Flexible mail plans with access to extensive business functionality. Flexible mail plans with access to extensive business functionality, so that you only pay for what you actually use.
More info Mail Plus resume Office Mail resume


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