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What is Sharepoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a portal application. It is our answer to the need to process information faster and more efficient in teams.

SharePoint contains the following functionalities:

  • Share information and documents
  • Receive automatically messages when information is modified
  • Cooperate with colleagues, customers, partners …
  • Suitable integration with Microsoft Office 2010
  • Version management
  • Exchange of large files


How does it work?

SharePoint sites use Webparts, small web applications developed in ASP.NET. The webmasters and website users can easily add those webparts to the webpages of your SharePoint and configure them according to their use. There are many standard webparts available which allows you to build a complete intranet in a matter of minutes. See " Which webparts are available? ".
In addition the webmaster can easily adapt the design of the site. Based on ASP.NET technology additional webparts can be created, but there are many software companies that develop webparts adding extra functionalities to SharePoint.
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