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What is SEO Consult?

You will obtain a top position through an ideal mix of relevant content, optimized website techniques and sufficient credibility in the search engines. There are more than 160 criteria to keep in mind to gain a top 10 position. SEO Consult determines your SEO strategy from A to Z: Our experts check all the variables and explain to you how to respect the rules of the search engines to achieve a higher ranking.


SEO Consult is a service tailored to your needs with the following advantages:

  • SEO advice based on the needs of your website.
  • Decribed in simple terms and ready for immediate implementation.
  • SEO tells you how to get your website on top and how to keep it there.
  • 100% according to the rules of the search engines.
  • We go through the report with you and your webmaster and only leave when everything is clear.
  • We remain at your service during the implementation of the advice.
  • After the implementation of the report we go through the adaptations and correct where it is needed.
  • We share all the techniques so you can create new pages according to the rules.

What do you get?

SEO Consult is a list with ready-to-use pointers based on the needs of your website, which allows you to optimize your website yourself to gain a high ranking. In practice SEO Consult tells you:

  • how to convince search engines such as Google that your website really contains relevant information.
  • how to give search engines easy access to that content.
  • how to convince search engines that your websites content is more important than the competition’s.
  • how to select your keywords, increase your link popularity (PageRank),
  • how to use certain tags, and optimize your entire product and services database dynamically.

For whom?

SEO Consult addresses webmasters, website administrators, website owners and anyone who wants actual advice on how to get his website in the top 10. If you follow SEO Consults advice accurately, you will gain the same result as if SEO experts would have optimized your website.
TIP: An ideal complement to this solution is our AdWords keyword analysis.

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