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How do I configure a catch-all e-mail address?

You can configure a catch-all mail account in MyAccount. A catch-all mailbox catches all the mails to your domain that did not reach other defined mailboxes. This works for all shared hosting packages, Mail Plus and Hosted Exchange.

Suppose: You have have 2 e-mail addresses and, the latter is configured as catch-all address. All mails sent to name1@ and info@ will be delivered in the proper mailboxes but mails sent to would normally bounce because that mailbox doesn’t exist. But because of the catch-all functionality, these mails will be delivered in the mailbox info@. That way you don’t lose any mails because of a typing error in the e-mail address.

  1. Go to MyAccount.
  2. Go to "Shared Hosting" left in the menu bar.
  3. Select the correct domain name.
  4. Go to "Mail accounts" in the menu on the left.
  5. Select the e-mail account that you wish to define as catch-all, or create a new account for the catch-all by clicking "Add mail account" if still possible.
  6. Check the box "Catch-all"
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