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What are the advantages of Hyper-V?

  • Rapid migration
    Move easily from active virtual machines to another server with minimal downtime.
  • Server consolidation
    Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) due to lower hardware requirements, but also lower energy, cooling and management costs.
  • Infrastructure Optimization
    Optimal use of assets, options for workload balancing (which means that you spread the workload over different locations) and greater flexibility (32-bit and 64-bit workloads in the same environment possible).
  • Improved architecture
    With the new 64-bit micro kernelized hypervisor architecture (which means that the central component of the computer’s operating system is very appropriate for virtualization) and a broad array of support for simultaneously running different Operating Systems (in contrast to a single Shared OS).
  • Virtual Machine Snapshot
    Simple to revert to a previous state, improved overall backup and recovery solutions.
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