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What is shared web hosting?

Shared Hosting is the easiest and fastest way to publish your website on the internet. In addition, you will benefit from the expertise of Telenet to keep everything safe.
Shared Hosting allows sharing a web server with different websites. One of the advantages of Shared Hosting is that you receive an affordable solution that is far from inferior in terms of safety, performance and reliability.
Shared Hosting is ideal for static websites, smaller web applications and e-commerce front offices with a limited product catalogue and limited payment possibilities.

You can of course set up your own server to host your website, but that will require a considerable investment not only in servers and communication lines, but also safety, installation and maintenance of web server(s) and possible mail server(s) require a specific knowledge. In many cases it makes therefore more sense to subcontract the hosting of websites.

Advantages of sharing a server:

  • No investments in hardware, software licences and other infrastructure
  • No technical knowledge needed to upload the website
  • The server is managed by our experts
  • After only a few minutes your web hosting is already active
  • Extensive support from us
We offer different hosting packages that are most suitable and various technologies which are followed accurately.


The following technologies are supported:
  • Windows (ASP, ASP.NET)
  • Linux (PHP 5, Perl)

Database systems

Additionally, the following database systems are supported:
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012
  • MySQL

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