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What is E-mail hosting?

In order to send and receive e-mails you need a mail server. It stores messages temporarily until they are delivered in your mailbox of the receiver’s mailbox. The setup and management of your own mail server requires a lot of knowledge, not to mention the investment in servers and software licences. Hostbasket takes over all of these tasks and makes sure that you can continue to receive those crucial e-mails (with possible orders) without any investment.


The advantages of Hostbasket E-mail Hosting:

• No investment needed in your own mail server

Setting up your own mail server requires a large investment: you need to purchase a server and software, and your employees need to be trained in order to maintain the mail server. In addition, there are many daily tasks to keep the server functioning optimally and to ensure the safety of your data. Hostbasket takes care of those investments and the maintenance of the server for you. You benefit from Hostbasket’s space and you only pay a small monthly fee for what you actually use.

• Safety

Recent research shows that 80% of company data is to be found in the e-mail system. Orders, appointments with suppliers and customers, offers are some examples of a company’s essential data that is transmitted through e-mail every day. Hostbasket ensures a daily backup of those data on the mail server. This way the data is protected against any loss.

• No more loss of e-mails

Hostbasket understands the importance of e-mails for the organisation of a company’s customers. This is the reason why Hostbasket challenged its engineers to make sure no mails are lost. It is from this idea that Hostbasket developed a solution where backup mail servers are always available. Never again loss of e-mails: a clear promise of Hostbasket.

• Always available

Your mail system contains the most important information that you work with on a daily basis. This information has to be available at all times. As Hostbasket is continually investing in reliable servers and infrastructure your information remains within reach.

• Many extra features

Hostbasket Office mail, based on hosted exchange, offers a lot of extra features that are usually only reserved for very big companies. These features allow you to consult the most recent version of your calendar on your PDA or Blackberry. Click here for a complete overview of Office Mail’s features.

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