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What is Google Adwords Campaign management?

In Google Adwords campaign management Hostbasket takes over the work from you to set up a solid Adwords campaign.

The expenses for a Google Adwords campaign can become quite high without decent management. Good management can yield the best results within your budget. Without sufficient knowledge and/or follow-up you risk bidding on the wrong keywords, you obtain not enough conversions or you do not advertise with the most powerful advertisement texts.

Based on the results of your Google Adwords campaign Google increases or decreases your cost per click . A decent follow-up of your campaign will give you more for less money. Hostbasket can help you in your Adwords campaigns to:

  • Choose the keywords yourself or in consultation with us.
  • Decide about the amount you are willing to pay per visitor.
  • Fix a maximum daily or monthly budget.
  • Determine the coverage of your advertisement (demografic, geografic).
  • Choose on which days and hours you want to show your advertisement.
  • Decide about how long your advertisements should be shown.
  • The service can consist in advice in reports or implementing the advice on your website.

What do you get?

In the Adwords Campaign management we perform the following tasks for you:

  • We set up your campaign .
  • Analyze the most interesting keywords.
  • Write inviting advertisement tetxs.
  • Implement measuring codes.
  • Manage and follow your campaign.
  • Remove the unprofitable keywords and continually look for better keywords.
  • Make sure you do not have to pay more than necessary and that you get more clicks for less money.
  • Report the results and give you an overview of the clicks that led to a desired result.

TIP: An ideal complement to this solution is SEO Consult or a SEO LifeTime formula.

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