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Manually configure Outlook 2007 (Connect S, Connect M, Connect L, Connect XL, Connect M BlackBerry, Connect XL BlackBerry)

Before you start the automatic configuration, you first need to create a new CNAME record on your DNS servers.

You need to create a CNAME record for and point this to the host ("" needs to be replaced with your own domain name).


Go to MyAccount , select your domain name, click the tab "Resource Records". Fill in the fields as in the screenshot below and click "Add".

Keep in mind the TTL value on the DNS servers. The record creation should be known worldwide before you can proceed with the following steps.


  1. Close Microsoft Outlook
  2. Press "Start" in Windows
  3. Press "Control panel"
  4. Press "Mail"
  5. Press "Show profiles"

  6. Press "Add" en enter the name of your choice in the "Profile Name" field e.g. HostedExchange, Office365, ...

  7. Select "Manually configure server settings or addional server types" and press "Next"

  8. Select "Microsoft Exchange" en press "Next"

  9. Enter Officemail01 as the value of "Microsoft Exchange server". Enter your user name in the "User Name" field. You will find your credentials in MyAccount > Shared hosting > your package > mailboxes. If desired you can change your password. Press "More Settings"

  10. After a while an error occurs, press "OK"

  11. Press again "OK"


  12. Select the tab "Connection", toggle "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP". Press "Exchange Proxy Settings"

  13. Enter the values as seen below.

  14. Close all subwindows by pressing "OK". In the original configuration window press "Next". Finish the wizard by pressing "Finish".

  15. Start Outlook, select your profile and Press "OK"
  16. Fill in your user name and password and press "OK". Your Outlook has been configured.















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