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Open Shared Calendar in Outlook Web Access

Please note: the information below is not supported and only intended for experienced users.

We navigate directly to the shared calendar instead of opening OWA first.


  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. Browse to the following URL: xxx@yyy.zzz /?cmd=contents&module=calendar
  3. Replace xxx@yyy.zzz with the primary email address of the user whose calendar you want to view. You will have to ask that person for his email address.
  4. Log in with your own credentials


  5. Turn off the reading pane

  6. The shared calendar is visible and accessible

Below, you will find an overview of the links you need to use:

Views Links
Calendar View - Default - Daily<SMTP address>/?cmd=contents&module=calendar
Calendar View - Daily https://<server name>/owa/<SMTP address>/?cmd=contents&f=Calendar&view=Daily
Calendar View - Weekly<SMTP address>/?cmd=contents&f=Calendar&view=Weekly
Calendar View - Daily - Specific Date by specifying Date, Month and Year<SMTP address>/?cmd=contents&f=Calendar&view=Daily&d=3&m=7&y=2009
y=[four digit year]


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