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How do I create SEO friendly URLs?
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Search engines handle urls such as these "" much better than "". If you have Linux hosting, you can use mod_rewrite for this. Keep in mind though that many CMS systems al... Read More
What is SEO Lifetime?
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SEO LifeTime is a successful search engine optimization of your website over a minimum period of twelve months. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and has to be followed up continuously. Search engines often change the way they compile ... Read More
What is Google Adwords Keyword Analysis?
Viewed 10233 times since Fri, Dec 5, 2008
In Adwords Keywords Analysis we run a short (with limited budget) Google Adwords campaign : We bid for many relevant keywords. All clicks are carefully listed per keyword. We also list the clicks that lead to a desired result such as offer request... Read More
Which Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services does Hostbasket offer?
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We offer the following services for a shared hosting package: Monthly SEO tip: You will receive a monthly free tip on how to optimize your website to obtain top positions in search engines. Link directory: Through the link directory your website i... Read More
What is Google Adwords? (SEA)
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Google Adwords are sponsored links that you can see on top of or to the right of the Google search results. This makes your advertisement immediately visible with the top results. It complements ideally the keywords for which your score is not so goo... Read More
What is Google Adwords Campaign management?
Viewed 3857 times since Fri, Dec 5, 2008
In Google Adwords campaign management Hostbasket takes over the work from you to set up a solid Adwords campaign. The expenses for a Google Adwords campaign can become quite high without decent management. Good management can yield the best results... Read More
How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work?
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an umbrella name for services aimed at increasing your position (or ranking) in the search engines. There are different ways to do that:Adapt the texts on your website. Optimize the content of the pages. Adapt t... Read More
What is SEO Consult?
Viewed 2938 times since Tue, Nov 18, 2008
You will obtain a top position through an ideal mix of relevant content, optimized website techniques and sufficient credibility in the search engines. There are more than 160 criteria to keep in mind to gain a top 10 position. SEO Consult determines... Read More
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Viewed 2141 times since Fri, Dec 5, 2008
Search Engine Optimization or SEO means that we try to obtain top results in the search engines with the keywords relevant for your website.Advantages of a top positionA high position for popular keywords in the search engines can attract much more v... Read More
Are there any rules for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
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The promise of more visitors on your website may sound alluring. But be careful! An important rule when implementing a Search Engine Optimization is always to respect the guidelines of the search engines. There are many ways to deceive search e... Read More
Can I upgrade my operating system by myself?
Viewed 1519 times since Wed, Oct 31, 2012
There is an important distinction between ‘update’ and ’upgrade’. An update contains bug fixes, new drivers and minor software improvements and is usually available as a free download. This is also called a ‘patch’... Read More