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Antivirus and Antispam Articles
What to do in case of spam complaints?
Viewed 3142 times since Thu, Sep 23, 2010
When there are grounds for a complaint, you first need to establish how and to whom you can address your complaint.   There are two types of illegal spam :   an electronic message may be illegal because of its prospective nature (of which the ... Read More
How to prevent spam in my mailbox?
Viewed 3054 times since Tue, Nov 18, 2008
You can try to prevent spam in your mailbox in 2 ways: by being discrete with your e-mail address and by filtering your e-mails. Do not leave your e-mail address everywhere. The less you hand out your e-mail address, especially on the internet, ... Read More
How does Antivirus and Antispam work for your own mail servers?
Viewed 1934 times since Tue, Nov 18, 2008
Your emails are transmitted through the Hostbasket servers where they are filtered from spam and viruses and then sent to your own mail server. You will not notice any of this and your emails will arrive without any delays. Hostbasket uses IronPort,... Read More
How do I change my anti-spam settings?
Viewed 1251 times since Mon, Jun 21, 2010
Log in on the MyAccount Website. Go to "Shared Hosting" and choose the package for which you want to change the setting. Then choose "Anti-spam and Anti-virus". You can now change your settings.   Read More