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How do I synchronize my Sharepoint folders to my computer so that they are available off-line?
Viewed 45449 times since Tue, Apr 17, 2012
If you want to synchronize your Sharepoint files off-line (local pc), you can use Sharepoint Workspace (only available in microsoft office plus package)Go to "Site Actions" and click the option "Sync to sharepoint workspace" You will see a pop-up ... Read More
How do I add and use Web Parts?
Viewed 16465 times since Fri, Sep 4, 2009
Add Web Parts to your Sharepoint:Open your Sharepoint and click "Site Actions" > "Site Settings". Go to "Galleries" in the next window and click "Web Parts". You get now an overview of all active Web Parts on your Sharepoint, you can configur... Read More
How can I modify anonymous access to my Sharepoint WSS 2007 website?
Viewed 10531 times since Tue, Nov 18, 2008
Anonymous access means that (part of your) website is accessible for all visitors, without having to enter a user name or password, so also registered users who actually were not supposed to have access! Granting anonymous access is only possible whe... Read More
How can I modify anonymous access for my Sharepoint 2010 website?
Viewed 10480 times since Tue, Nov 18, 2008
Anonymous access means that (part of your) website is accessible for all visitors, without having to insert a user name or password, so also registered users who actually were not supposed to have access!Log in with your administrator account on your... Read More
I have a problem with my Sharepoint website. Where can I find more information?
Viewed 8983 times since Tue, Nov 18, 2008
You can find more information (both general and technical) on the website of Microsoft Office: SharePoint Server Read More
What are webparts and which are available?
Viewed 8028 times since Tue, Nov 18, 2008
Sharepoint websites use Web parts, small web applications developed in ASP.NET. The webmasters and website users can easily add those web parts to the web pages of your Sharepoint and configure them according to their use. There are many standard web... Read More
Unable to find files on my Sharepoint site by using the Search function
Viewed 7011 times since Mon, Dec 7, 2009
In Sharepoint there are some restrictions on file and folder name length. An overview. 1. Folder/ file names should not contain more than 128 characters 2. Links created by following links on Sharepoint, should not contain more than 256 characters. 3... Read More
How do I add users to Sharepoint 2010?
Viewed 6959 times since Wed, Sep 2, 2009
Go to MyAccount. Log in with your credentials Click "Shared Hosting" on the left Select your Sharepoint package Click "Add Sharepoint users" on the left Fill in the user details and click "Create user" On the next screen you will see... Read More
How do I change the password of a user?
Viewed 5229 times since Tue, Mar 6, 2012
Log in on your MyAccount Click on "Shared Hosting" Click on your Sharepoint 2010 package Click on "User administration" Select a user At the bottom of the page you can modify the password of the user Enter the new password 2x and sa... Read More
What should I do if Sharepoint keeps asking me to log in?
Viewed 3851 times since Thu, Mar 8, 2012
In case you have problems to open your files because you are continuously asked to log in, you can add your sharepoint site to your local intranet in your Internet Explorer. Go to "Internet options" Go to the tab "Security" and select the ... Read More
What is Sharepoint?
Viewed 3807 times since Tue, Nov 18, 2008
Microsoft SharePoint is a portal application. It is our answer to the need to process information faster and more efficient in teams. SharePoint contains the following functionalities: Share information and documents Receive automatically messages... Read More
Modify time zone settings in sharepoint 2007
Viewed 3695 times since Thu, Sep 20, 2012
You can modify the time zone settings of your sharepoint site through "Site Settings". Log in on the sharepoint site with an admin account Go to Site Actions > Site Settings Choose the option "Regional Settings" under "Site Administration... Read More
Internet Explorer does not display certain JPGs in SharePoint
Viewed 3226 times since Thu, Jul 12, 2012
Unlike Firefox, Chrome and Safari, Internet Explorer cannot display 32-bit jpgs. Solution: convert the jpg to 24-bit or lower. Open Paint, save the jpeg file as a 24-bit file and upload it again to your SharePoint site. Read More
How do I get an overview of all users and data limits on my Sharepoint?
Viewed 2836 times since Mon, Nov 2, 2009
Log in on your Sharepoint environment via the Administrator account. Navigate to "Site Actions", select "Site Settings" in the menu. Choose "Storage Metrics" on the right. A more detailed version can be obtained via Sharepoint Designer. Cl... Read More
Uploading multiple files in Internet Explorer
Viewed 2593 times since Wed, Sep 5, 2012
On our shared sharepoint foundation environment it is possible to upload multiple files in one go. This option uses an activeX component named Sharepoint Stssync Handler This is an Addon and needs to be activated, otherwise it will not be poss... Read More
Which Sharepoint package should I choose?
Viewed 2131 times since Tue, Nov 18, 2008
Microsoft SharePoint comes in different versions. Choose the most suitable solution based on the number of users, the required storage capacity and your requirements to integrate the solution into your existing environment. More information on the di... Read More
Create Team Site in SharePoint
Viewed 1529 times since Wed, Jun 20, 2012
Go to "Site Actions". Click "New Site". Select "Team Site". Fill in the title and the URL of the site. Click "More options". You can now give Permissions. Click "Create". Your site has been created and you are now abl... Read More