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How do I link my domain name to Windows Live Mail?
Viewed 34024 times since Tue, Jul 10, 2012
To link your domain name to Windows Live Mail you need to point your MX records to Windows Live.Log in on Windows Live AdminCenter. In the section "E-mail" you will find the MX records to which you need to point your domain name. The MX record is lis... Read More
What is IDN?
Viewed 16106 times since Tue, Nov 10, 2009
IDN means Internationalized Domain Name. An IDN is an internet domain name that contains characters which are not part of the ASCII symbol set. Some examples: the swedish å, the German ü and characters of the Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese an... Read More
How do I register/block an .xxx domain name?
Viewed 14649 times since Wed, Oct 5, 2011
General On September 7 the Sunrise period of .xxx domain names has started.   The .xxx domain name is a new extension enabling you to register domain names for websites displaying an erotic and/or pornographic content. Companies that do not belong... Read More
Can I link my domain name to free web space (Telenet, Skynet ...)?
Viewed 8491 times since Fri, Aug 22, 2008
Yes. As long as you host your website elsewhere; e.g. on free web space provided by your internet provider (Telenet, Skynet, Belgacom …)  your domain name has to refer to it. See: url forwarding . Please note that free web space is only a basic s... Read More
How do I choose a domain name?
Viewed 7453 times since Fri, Jan 25, 2008
Company nameMost companies register their company name as their domain name. This domain name then provides the business website and the employees’ email addresses. Product name Sometimes companies also register product names and slogans. ... Read More
Why do I need a domain name?
Viewed 6747 times since Fri, Jan 25, 2008
Thanks to your own unique domain name (e.g.: your website is always easy to find and you can personalize your e-mail addresses. If you want to be easy to reach and to contact it is absolutely essential that you have your own domain name. ... Read More
Does my domain name include an email address?
Viewed 6497 times since Mon, Aug 25, 2008
Each domain name includes email forwards (e.g. >> If someone sends an e-mail at and you reply to this e-mail, this person will see your yahoo address and not the address with... Read More
Do I have to transfer my current internet subscription to Telenet when I transfer my domain name to Telenet?
Viewed 6095 times since Mon, Jun 11, 2012
You can transfer your domain name/hosting to us while keeping your current internet subscription. More information on domain name transfer Read More
What is a domain name?
Viewed 5954 times since Fri, Aug 22, 2008
A domain name is a translation for a specific IP address. Your web pages are hosted on physical servers who each have their unique IP address e.g. (4 groups of 3 digits, each with a maximum value of 255). Because it would be very dif... Read More
How long does it take my domain name to become active?
Viewed 4766 times since Mon, Aug 25, 2008
In most cases your domain name will be activated within 24 hours after we receive your payment. This is the time it takes for the name servers to update their information. Transfers may take longer. Read More
Why isn’t my website listed in Google?
Viewed 4636 times since Mon, Aug 25, 2008
When you register a domain name, that doesn’t automatically mean you will show up in the search results of Google or any other search engine. The best thing you can do to show up in search engine results is to have other websites link to your w... Read More
How do I improve the search engine results for my website?
Viewed 3957 times since Mon, Aug 25, 2008
There are several methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA). All these techniques combined are called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Telenet offers several products in this area. Search our glossary o... Read More
What is a contact type?
Viewed 3477 times since Wed, Jun 15, 2011
There are three contact types:Registrant: the person who owns the right of use of the domain name (licensee). Onsite/Registrant technical contacts: a technical contact with the client (the website builder, the website hoster, ....). This contact t... Read More
Did Telenet subscribe to the Domain Ethix Code?
Viewed 2623 times since Mon, Aug 25, 2008
This label ceased to exist in November 2007. The principles in this code of conduct are now incorporated in the agent contract, Telenet has voluntarily signed. This means Telenet is bound by the following fundamental principles: Telenet nv registe... Read More
How do I lock my domain name?
Viewed 1558 times since Mon, Jan 24, 2011
To protect your domain name against unwanted transfers or trades you are able to lock it. 1. Log in on your MyAccount 2. Click on "Domain names" 3. Select your domain name 4. Click on the tab "Information" 5. Click on "Lock domain" After you have... Read More
Why do I need a domain name to order certain products?
Viewed 1321 times since Mon, Apr 23, 2012
When you have built a website that you would like to put on the internet to attract potential customers, it is absolutely essential that you have your own domain name. A domain name can also be used to personalize your e-mail addresses to make your b... Read More