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What’s the difference between a temporary and permanent redirect?
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What’s a 301 redirect (Moved Permanently)? The code 301 assigns a status to a page; one of the most generally known is 404 – which means that the page couldn’t be found. A 301 redirect is used to report to search engines or browsers... Read More
What is Forwarding? What is the difference between URL redirect and URL forward?
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As long as you host your website elsewhere, the domain name that you have registered with Telenet has to point to that location. This is called URL forwarding.You can forward a URL in 2 ways:Cloaked forwarding: the domain name remains in your browser... Read More
What is a catch-all mail forward?
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When someone sends you an e-mail but mistypes the address, you can still receive that e-mail by using the catch-all function. For example: Someone sends an e-mail to instead of Typically... Read More
How can I configure the web forwarding for my domain name?
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Log in on MyCloud Click on "Domain names" Click on the domain name for which you would like to change the DNS Click on "Forwarding". Here you can configure the URL and/or mail forwarding       From: Here you can enter a subdomain (e.g. test... Read More
Can I use the e-mail forwarding in combination with the mailboxes of my hosting package?
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You are not able to configure e-mail forwarding for your domain while using the mailboxes of your hosting package for the same domain.However, you are able to forward a mailbox created on your shared hosting package to an existing mailbox:   ... Read More
How to forward an e-mail?
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Follow the next steps to forward an e-mail:   Log in on MyAccount" . Click "Domain names" Click on the domain name for which you’d like to create an e-mail forward. Click on "Forwarding". Here you can configure the URL and/or Mail forward. ... Read More
Can I forward my mail?
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Yes. You can use a Mail Forward to point your mailbox to another (free) mailbox, for example Hotmail, Telenet, ...Mail forwarding is a free service included in your Hostbasket domain name and can be configured in our MyAccount. Read More
How many mail forwards can be created on domain level?
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There is no limit on the number of mail forwards. Read More