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How do I configure my name server settings (DNS records)?
Viewed 50400 times since Tue, Dec 8, 2009
Log in on MyAccount Click on "Domain names" and select your domain name Click on "Resource records" A-Record Enter the Host name (connected to your domain name, e.g. * and the IP address. Click here to find the IP address of a ho... Read More
Is it possible to point an MX record to an Alias ( CNAME )?
Viewed 24433 times since Mon, Nov 23, 2009
As stated in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) RFCs (Request for Change), it is not permitted to point an MX record to an alias/ CNAME. Go to for more information on Mail Routing and Domain system RFC. ... Read More
What is the TTL (Time To Live)?
Viewed 21777 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
In brief, the TTL is a technical term to describe how long your old DNS settings are present (cached) on the internet. The lower the TTL, the faster name servers around the globe adapt their settings.How can I change the TTL on MyAccount? 1... Read More
What are PTR records (Pointer Records) and what purpose do they serve?
Viewed 20042 times since Mon, Nov 9, 2009
What are PTR records? A PTR record (Pointer Record) connects an IP address to a host name. A PTR record is therefore sometimes called Reverse DNS Record because it converts an IP address into a name. A PTR record can only be created on the nameserve... Read More
What’s the difference between a primary and secondary name server?
Viewed 18361 times since Wed, Nov 16, 2011
With a primary name server, your domain name is known on the Internet. A secondary name server is a backup of this primary server. The data on the secondary server is the same as on the primary name server. Advantages of a secondary name server:Relia... Read More
What is an MX-record (Mail eXchanger)?
Viewed 15666 times since Thu, Aug 21, 2008
An MX-record or Mail exchanger record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) specifying how e-mail should be routed using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Each MX record contains a priority and a host name (part that co... Read More
What is a CNAME-record (Canonical NAME)?
Viewed 11793 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
A CNAME-record is used to make an alias for a certain domain (the canonical name). The alias will be completed with the domain name.Example of a CNAME-record: Domain: Alias: apple Canonical name: The alias ’apple&rs... Read More
How do I configure name servers for my domain name?
Viewed 7567 times since Mon, Nov 2, 2009
You can configure the DNS for your domain names online.     - Log in on our website with your account via the button "MyAccount" or directly via the link . - Click on the link "Domain names" - Click on the domain name w... Read More
How do I create an SPF record and where do I add this?
Viewed 7170 times since Tue, Jul 13, 2010
You can create an SPF record through the following wizard. We cannot create this for you because we do not know the parameters. Once your SPF record created you add it to the DNS of your domain as a TXT record. Below you will find an example of a po... Read More
What’s an SRV record?
Viewed 6078 times since Wed, Jul 22, 2009
The SRV Record identifies the host(s) that will support particular services. The SRV record is a general purpose name server record to discover any service. The SRV record allows control over prioritisation of delivery and usage. The theory behind... Read More
What is a TXT record?
Viewed 5575 times since Thu, Aug 21, 2008
TXT records are most commonly used for informative purposes. They can store any type of free text information about a particular domain name (e.g. name of the hosting provider, contact details ...). Use of TXT records? TXT are generally used for s... Read More
How do I view my website without adjusting DNS data?
Viewed 4753 times since Tue, Dec 22, 2009
To view and edit your website prior to put it online / to adjust DNS data, there are 2 possibilities described below.The first one is the most practical method and can be applied in most cases: Your site has a direct link on our Shared Hosting server... Read More
The new name server settings are activated but I still see the old data? How is this possible?
Viewed 4531 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
Name servers around the globe cache (store) data to increase their speed. After you have changed the records in the Hostbasket name servers, it takes a while before other name servers around the globe read these new settings. Only once the cached dat... Read More
What are name servers?
Viewed 4188 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
In order to use a domain name, you need a name server. A name server is a computer connected to the internet that "translates" each domain name into an IP address and vice versa. See also What is a domain name . If you don’t have a name s... Read More
What is an A record (Address)?
Viewed 3949 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
A-records contain the translation of a hostname to an IP Address.  Example:Domain: Host name: www IP address: This host will be completed to and everyone surfing to this URL will be sent to the web serv... Read More
How can I retrieve the IP address for a specific host name?
Viewed 3704 times since Thu, Aug 21, 2008
Open a command prompt (click Start > Run > type "Command" > OK) and type the instruction "ping" (space) followed by the host name and press the enter key.  (On Vista this can be achieved by entering "run" into the search bar of y... Read More
I have one name server, can I use the Hostbasket name server as secondary and how?
Viewed 3578 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
Yes. You can use the Hostbasket name servers as secondary name server.How? log in on MyAccount > Domain names > desired domain name > tab "Name servers"  Please note: You need to allow zone transfers from your (primary) name server to... Read More
What is Round Robin?
Viewed 3380 times since Fri, Jul 17, 2009
Round Robin is a mechanism used by DNS servers to spread the load over different servers.For example, a company has one domain name and three identical home pages residing on three servers with three different IP addresses. When one user accesses the... Read More
Where do I find information about resource records?
Viewed 3336 times since Tue, Jul 10, 2012
You can find information about resource records on this site. Read More
Configure domain name during transfer or trade.
Viewed 3182 times since Fri, Jan 22, 2010
You are able to configure your domain name on our DNS during transfer or trade. - Log in on the account of the customer - Click on "Domains" Two lists will appear. One with the active domains and one with Domain in transfer (preconfig).     Domai... Read More
I see the message: Domain in transfer (preconfig) ..What does this mean?
Viewed 2989 times since Fri, Mar 12, 2010
You are able to configure your domain name on the Hostbasket name servers while the transfer is in progress. Read more . Read More
Unable to change nameservers because my domain is parked.
Viewed 2903 times since Mon, Nov 9, 2009
You need to reactivate your domain in myaccount. Go to your domain name and click the button "Unpark" under the tab "Information".  You can now configure your DNS. Read More
Why should I use Hostbasket name servers?
Viewed 2893 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
Hostbasket name servers are located in data centres in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris to ensure optimal speed for your website in Europe and around the globe. When you use Hostbasket name servers, you can use the online control panels to create an unl... Read More
What is the Name Server Manager?
Viewed 2832 times since Wed, Aug 20, 2008
The Name Server Manager is a web interface that facilitates the configuration of the Hostbasket name servers. You can create an unlimited amount of subdomains. For the domain and all its subdomains, you can create an unlimited number of A records, CN... Read More
Where do I find the name server settings?
Viewed 2817 times since Thu, Dec 4, 2008
Log in on MyAccount. Select "Shared Hosting" in the menu on the left. Select the desired package. You will find the name server settings on the bottom of that page. Read More
Activate DNS servers for .nu domain
Viewed 1760 times since Mon, Jul 16, 2012
The following message appears: "Name server updates are not allowed for this domain." Contact support for assistance by email or on 09 326 90 94. Read More