How do I connect to my Linux server?

Once you’ve established the VPN connection via Putty , you can establish a connection to your Linux server in Windows.
Download Putty and open the program.
Enter the internal IP address of your server in the field "Host Name (or IP address)"
Click "Open" after you’ve entered the IP address.
A black screen will appear. The first time you will get a message that the RSA key isn’t known yet by the registry. If you are sure you are connected to the right server, click "Yes". Next time you won’t see this message anymore.
You can now log in with your user name and the server’s password.
Be careful when introducing your password since you can’t see it as you type it.
Once you’ve logged in you can manage your server.
You can also save your connections in Putty.
To do so, enter a name for your connection in the field "Saved Sessions" and click "Save".
If you open Putty again later, you can click on the saved session and click "Load".
You can also establish an SSH connection in MacOS X and Linux. Type the following command in the terminal or Linux command line:
ssh intern-ip-van-de-server -p 22 -l root
the -p parameter indicates the port. For SSH it’s 22
the -l parameter indicates the login. For linux servers it is mostly the root user/manager.
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