Can I use the e-mail forwarding in combination with the mailboxes of my hosting package?

You are not able to configure e-mail forwarding for your domain while using the mailboxes of your hosting package for the same domain.

However, you are able to forward a mailbox created on your shared hosting package to an existing mailbox:
  1. Log in on MyAccount
  2. Click on "Shared Hosting"
  3. Click on the name of the package which contains your mailbox
  4. Click on "Mail accounts"
  5. Click on the account for which you’d like to create a forward
  6. Now you get all details of the mailbox including the forward option
  7. Add the e-mail address to which you’d like to forward the mail and click "Add forward"

Attention: when activating this option you will no longer be able to retrieve e-mails via your mail program for this address. The mailbox will always be empty unless you check the option "Keep local copy".
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