How do I set up Apple Mail for an Exchange 2010 mailbox?

Complete the steps below to manually configure an Exchange 2010 mailbox in Apple Mail.

  1. Open Apple Mail and click Preferences.
  2. Choose Accounts in the preferences panel. You get an overview of the existing accounts.
  3. Click the plus sign and select Exchange
  4. Fill in the details as found in your customer account at .

    Click Sign In.

    Apple Mail will now retrieve the settings from the server. This only happens if you have set an autodiscover record for your domain on the nameservers.

    Example of an autodiscover record: CNAME


  5. If there is no autodiscover record available, you must perform the rest of the settings manually.

    Enter the following URL in the internal and external URL fields.

  6. If all your details (username and password) are correct, the following window appears.

    You can now select which components you wish to sync or untick those you do not wish to sync

  7. Your email address is created and available in Apple Mail.

Note: this is only for Exchange 2010 mailboxes.

You can also access your mail via webmail. Point your browser to and log in with your username and password.

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