How do I create a VPN connection in Microsoft Windows XP?

This step-by-step procedure applies to the English version of MS Windows XP service pack 3. The Dutch version is similar.

1. Go to Control Panel .

2. Go to " Network and Internet Connections ".

If your window appears as follows, click " Switch to Category view " in the top left corner.

3. Choose " Create a connection to the network at your workplace " to add a new network connection.

4. Select " Virtual Private Network Connection " as type.

5. Choose a name for the connection.

6. Enter the name of the Hostbasket VPN server: e.g. (see correct VPN server in MyAccount )

7. Select the Windows user account that is allowed to use the connection.

8. You are free to select the checkbox to create a shortcut on your desktop.

9. Double-click the connection icon. Enter your VPN login and password (you received these data in an e-mail) and click Connect .

10. When the connection is created, your can start using Remote Administration Tools to connect to the server.

Always connect to the internet IP address of your server! For instance:

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