Logging in the Microsoft Online Portal

1.    Point your browser to the Microsoft Online Portal (MOP): https://portal.microsoftonline.com.
2.    Log in with your Admin username and password. You already received your login details in a confirmation email after the activation of your package.

That confirmation email contained your username and a temporary password. You had 72 hours to change that password to a strong password that is easy for you to remember.
Forgot to set a new password? You can still set a new password through the login screen of the MOP or you can contact our Support staff on 09 326 90 94.

If you registered a new domain name along with your package, we have already linked your domain to your package. In that case all the DNS settings have already been made, so you can get started!
Now you just need to create users and assign licenses.

Add an additional domain name?
use the Add a domain name and confirm ownership procedure or contact our support staff on 09 326 90 94. They will gladly help you with the DNS settings.

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