How to connect to my SFTP and upload files to my website?


This guide will explain the basics of using your Hosting Package trough an SFTP Client to upload, download and delete files from your Package.


1. The first thing we need to do is get an FTP Client. In the guide we will use FileZilla. After the download is complete, install the application and start it up for the first time.
2. To connect to your Hosting Package, you will need your FTP account info which can be found on MyAccount Shared Hosting > Your Domain > Upload Website.

3. Go back to the window of FileZilla and fill in the upper bar:
Host: sftp://yourwebsite --> (Make sure you type sftp:// otherwise it will automatically connect to ftp)
User name: Your user name
Password: Your password
Port: 22
(Make sure not to copy any spaces)
4. Click on QuickConnect. You are now connected to your Shared Hosting SFTP server! In the upper tab you will see the info of your SFTP connection. The left tab, called Local site, are the files on your own computer. The right tab, Remote site, is the most important one for this guide. In the tab Remote site you can find all Folders/Files that are present on your server space.
5. Adding Files and Folders can be done by just "dragging" them to the frame Remote site.

Deleting, renaming, etc your files is just as easy! Rightclick on your Files / Folders and select the option you want to perform:

6. To end the session you can just close the window of FileZilla or go to Server in the top bar and click Disconnect.
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