How to choose for a Shared Web Hosting solution?

Hostbasket offers you a solution that reflects your actual needs. We developed different packages based on different technologies. Below you will find how to make the right choice.
  Windows Linux
Programming languages PHP5, ASP, ASP.NET 4.0 (3.5 optional) PHP5, PERL, PYTHON
MS SQL Server 2008/2012 database, MS Access
Web server technology IIS7 on Windows Server 2008 Apache on Ubuntu Linux
Server Side Includes n/a Included
Starter : for small, static websites
Intro : for dynamic sites with a database
Advanced : for large, dynamic websites
Intro : for PHP websites with a small database
Advanced : for PHP websites with a large database


You are still unable to make a choice? Then we can offer you Hosting à la carte and you determine yourself what you need.
View the website for more information on Windows and Linux hosting.


What’s next...?

You have outgrown Shared Hosting? Not all websites are suitable for Shared Hosting! Large number of visitors, very complex sites or sites requiring stricter security, these sites are often hosted on a dedicated server . Whenever you need to, you can switch from a Shared hosting solution to a Dedicated Server/Dynamic Cloud, thanks to the Hostbasket Life Cycle hosting concept.

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