What is Google Adwords? (SEA)

Google Adwords are sponsored links that you can see on top of or to the right of the Google search results. This makes your advertisement immediately visible with the top results. It complements ideally the keywords for which your score is not so good.

How does Google Adwords advertising work?

The places are distributed via a "bidding system". You make bids for the keywords relevant for you. The general rule is that the highest bidder receives the highest position. Your advertisement will then be placed with the requested keywords and you pay each time someone clicks your advertisement. Google Adwords campaigns can be started and stopped very quickly. So you only pay when an interested visitor clicks your advertisement.

Advertising in search engines is not easy. You need to choose the right keywords, write attractive advertisement texts … Hostbasket can help you with that. Read more in " What is Google Adwords campaign management ".

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