How do I connect to my Dedicated Server using the RDP?

To establish an RDP (remote desktop protocol) connection to your Dedicated server, you need to check two things first:
- Ask your Network administrator if RDP is allowed on your network
- If you use Windows 2000 or minor versions: check if any RDP software is installed, if not click the following link to download.

1. Make sure you established the VPN connection to Hostbasket. For more information to establish a VPN connection: VPN

2. Go to ’Start > All Programs > Accessories

3. Click Remote Desktop Connection

4. A new window will appear where you can enter your server’s IP address. ATTENTION: Use the internal IP address of your Hostbasket server that you can find in MyAccount > Servers & Cloud > Your server

You can also define some options for your RDP via the menu ’Options’ .

5. After having filled in your internal server IP address click Connect , you are now connected to your Dedicated server. User name and password can be found in MyAccount > Servers & Cloud > Your server.

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