Unable to surf on the internet when the VPN connection for the management of my dedicated server is being established

This can be explained by the fact that your VPN is using our VPN server as default gateway. This means that all traffic to your dedicated server as well as the normal internet traffic is sent through the VPN tunnel.
It is recommended to deactivate this. Follow the next steps to do so. (You need to do this only once.)
1) Disconnect the VPN connection if active.
2) Go to "Network connections" on your local PC, select the VPN connection to Hostbasket, click on -> Properties -> Networking -> Internet Protocol -> Advanced -> tab ’General’ -> Check off the option "Use default gateway on remote network" . Click " OK " to confirm all pop-up windows.
3) Open now the VPN connection to Hostbasket. You will notice that you are able to surf, but that the connection to manage your dedicated server doesn’t work. This is due to the fact that your computer doesn’t see the server anymore, because the remote gateway has been deactivated.
To solve this you need to add a ’"route" to your computer, so the server can be reached again.
4) Click Start -> Run -> type "CMD" -> and click "OK"
5) Type in the command prompt screen (DOS Box) "ipconfig" and click enter. Your IP information is displayed, check which IP address is connected to your active PPP (Point to Point protocol) adapter and keep it in mind. In the example below it’s
6) Add now a route using the following command: route add SubnetIPbijHostbasket mask UwPPP-IPadres -p.
- "SubnetIPbijHostbasket" are the first three numbers of the internal IP address of your server at Hostbasket completed by 0.
- "UwPPP-IPadres" is the address we found by following the previous step.
- "-p" This command makes the route persistent and will remember it so you don’t need to execute this command again. 
e.g. route add mask -p
7) You may now close the DOS window. You should now be able to use both your VPN connection and your default internet connection.

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