Why contain my Outlook e-mails Winmail.dat attachments?


This problem occurs because the file Winmail.dat is used to conserve the layout of the sending client.

The receiving client, however, does not recognize the Winmail.dat file. The file Winmail.dat contains instructions for RTF (Rich Text Formatting) in Outlook.

This type of layout is used for RTF format in Microsoft Outlook and when using Microsoft Word as e-mail editor.


Use text without layout to solve the problem:

1. Open the menu "Extra/Tools", click on "Options" and click on "Mail format".
2. Select in the field "Compose in this message format" the option "Plain text" and click on "OK"


If you like to send a message in RTF format to certain recipients and a message in plain text to others, you need to configure this option in the "Personal address book" or in the record with the contact details of the addressee.

Follow the next steps to remove the RTF format from the recipient’s properties in the "Personal address book":

1. Click in the menu "Extra/Tools" on "Address book".
2. Select the Personal address book in the field "Display names from".
3. Select the recipient for whom you like to configure a plain text and click on "Properties" in the menu "File".
4. Open the tab "SMTP-General", check off the option "Always send to this recipient in Microsoft Exchange rich-text format" and click on "OK".

Follow the next steps to configure plain text in the record with the contact details of the recipient:

1. Open the record of the recipient in the map "Contacts".
2. Double click on the e-mail address of the recipient.
3. In the "E-mail properties" dialog box click on "Send plain text only" under "Internet format".

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