Some tips for a secure site...

Websites are increasingly being hacked. 

As a hosting provider we do everything possible to prevent these attacks. For all our platforms we make use of firewalls and DDoS infrastructure to protect our environment.
Unfortunately, security at the infrastructure level is not enough. Most of the security vulnerabilities are actually in your site and its code.

That’s why we’re providing you with some tips to reduce your risk of falling victim to site hacking:

1. Make use of SSL certificates (link to the SSL page) so passwords and packets can be sent in encrypted format.
This encryption can be identified by the ‘padlock’ icon that appears in the URL, when you use internet banking, for example.

2. Make sure all password input fields are configured to include a delay and a maximum number of login attempts.
This prevents hackers from using a batch script to try an endless variety of passwords until they find the right one at random.

3. Make sure the CMS (Content Management System) or other software on your website is always the latest version.
The most common CMS systems have known vulnerabilities that are easy for hackers to find out about on the internet. Particularly for packages of this type, and their plug-ins, it is essential they be updated regularly.

4. Keep in mind that when users can upload files to your website this is a potentially great risk to the security of your website, even if the purpose is for something as simple as changing their avatar.
The risk here is that each file that is uploaded, no matter how innocent it may seem, may be a script. Once that script is run on your server, your website is completely vulnerable to abuse. These functionalities should only be used when required on the website.

5. Use strong passwords to protect your website. For example, you should make the password for logging in to the administration page of your website a very difficult one, and it should never be the standard password that is set during installation.

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