Migration from Office Mail 2007 to Office Mail 2010

What exactly does the migration entail?
We will move all your mailboxes and related data from the current Exchange 2007 platform to the new Office Mail 2010 platform. The old 2007 environment will no longer be supported.

The functionality of your mailboxes will remain exactly the same, but you will now be making use of more recent technology.
Everything else will remain the same. Even the login details will be retained.

Is there anything I need to do prior to the migration?
No. The migration will occur completely automatically on the scheduled date, and you will receive advance notification of that date by email. There is nothing you need to do.
To ensure that the migration proceeds smoothly, we strongly recommend that you do not create any new mailboxes, groups, etc. on the day of the migration. The reason is that any tasks that are not yet complete when we start the migration will not be replicated on the new system.

What exactly will change for me as a customer?
Nearly everything will remain the same.
You will notice two changes:
•    The look & feel of the webmail . After the migration you will use Outlook Web App 2010 (you previously used Outlook Web Access). You log in using your familiar URL with your current login details.
•    The online management portal for users. As a User you will no longer log in to MySettings; instead you will now log in to the MyPortal website with your mailbox login.

In most cases your email client (e.g. Outlook) will be reconfigured automatically.
In very exceptional cases the email program installed locally on your laptop/PC/etc. may not be updated automatically and you may have to reconfigure it manually . This can happen with email programs such as:
•    Mac Mail client

All you need to do is change the Exchange server name from 'legacy.hostedexchange.be' to 'webmail.hostedexchange.be'.
The following online help article provides further instructions:
•    See step 5 of the FAQ ' How can I configure my Apple Mail for my Exchange 2010 mailbox? '

Will the price of my service change after migration?
No, the price of your service will remain the same. All other contractual terms will also remain unchanged.
This is a purely technical migration to a newer platform and has no impact on the outstanding balance of your account. There is no effect on your subscription. For example: You have paid for a full year.  The outstanding balance is carried over in full and your subscription will continue until the end date. Before the end date you will receive an email in due time asking you to renew, just as in the past. You can then choose to extend the subscription under the same conditions.

What if I want to order additional mailboxes after the migration?
You can create additional mailboxes yourself via MyCloud until the ordered quota is reached.
If you want to add more mailboxes / mail plans than available in your MyCloud, contact our sales staff by phone on 09 326 90 95 or by email . They will take care of this for you.

Will the specifications for my mailbox change?
You will have all the functionality you enjoyed on the Office Mail 2007 platform in the new environment too.
For many mailboxes, the size of the mailbox has been increased. You will find the new size on your MyCloud control panel.

How can I view my emails online after the migration (webmail)?
The login for your webmail will not change as a result of the migration. The URL remains the same: webmail.hostedexchange.be. You log in with the same username and password.
After logging in, you will notice that you are now using Outlook Web App 2010 (you previously used Outlook Web Access). This is the new webmail for Exchange 2010.

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