Which server package should I choose?

Each company has other needs. Hostbasket can satisfy these needs by offering different types of dedicated servers.

Something for everybody

  1. You like to host large websites (E-commerce) and you need a many-sided server on which you can host applications without restrictions? You may then opt for the Evolve server. Ideal as web- or mail server for SMEs.

  2. Choose the Value server for the hosting of hundreds of websites, mailboxes and company-critical applications. Perfect for web designers and hosting providers.

  3. Are you specialized in CMS, E-commerce or streaming? The Perform server is unbeatable for the hosting of company-critical websites or applications that require pure mathematical power.

More than just a server...

A dedicated server at Hostbasket is more than just a server.

  1. You receive a complete package of services (firewalling, daily backup, 24h monitoring of server and applications, e-mail and SMS alerting ...).

  2. You are in full control of your server thanks to the online control panels. But you don’t have to. Hostbasket can take over the management through the Managed Services so you can completely focus on your core activities.

  3. You are able to up- or downgrade your server solution at all times according to your needs, even within your current subscription term.

  4. All servers are housed in our secured data centre. This is located in our own offices in Lochristi. This means that we are able to rapidly intervene in case of problems.

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