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  1. Establish VPN connection on linux (command line) To establish a VPN connection on linux through command line you first need to install pptp-linux. You can do this as follows: apt-get install pptp-linux After pptp-linux is installed on the system you can add the user credenti... Read More
  2. Configure Outlook 365 (Exchange Online Kiosk - POP3) This FAQ is for customers who have one of the following POP3-license: Exchange Online Kiosk.If you have another license (E1, E3, Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online Plan 2, Business Essentials, Business Premium, ...) please use this FAQ. Note: Ma... Read More
  3. Logging in the Microsoft Online Portal 1.    Point your browser to the Microsoft Online Portal (MOP): 2.    Log in with your Admin username and password. You already received your login details in a confirmation email after... Read More
  4. How do I synchronize my Sharepoint folders to my computer so that they are available off-line? If you want to synchronize your Sharepoint files off-line (local pc), you can use Sharepoint Workspace (only available in microsoft office plus package)Go to "Site Actions" and click the option "Sync to sharepoint workspace" You will see a pop-up ... Read More
  5. How to execute differential System State backups on Windows 2008 using the Online Backup Software This article explains how to backup and restore system state on Windows 2008 differentially (Differential backup contains all files changed since the last full backup). To configure a backup: Step 1: Install Server backup features, including comm... Read More
  6. Onlinebackup and VSS how does it work? Problem: Files are skipped with the following error: File backup was skipped: ' FileName' The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process Cause: File(s) that are being backed up are in use and the syst... Read More
  7. How do I add a filter to my Online Backup task? You can add a filter to your backup task enabling you to specify the files that need to be backed up. You can specify which files need to be backed up or excluded.Open your Online Backup client Click on the tab "Backup" and select a task Cl... Read More
  8. How do I add a PreScript/PostScript to my Backup task via Online Backup Client? A PreScript/PostScript is an advanced option enabling you to execute certain taks (start/stop services, copy files, ...) before starting (PreScript) or after finishing (PostScript) a backup task. You can easily select a command or batch file (e.g. c:... Read More
  9. The backup button in the Online Backup client is greyed out. Problem: The backup button in the client is greyed out. Cause: A backup is active, the account is full, the client is offline or the account is deactivated. Solution: - When a backup is active, the backup button is greyed out. If the backup... Read More
  10. The Online Backup Client is unable to connect to service during registration wizard Problem: Several reasons can cause the Online Backup Client not to connect to the server. Cause: To connect to the server properly:Check if the time and date on your PC are configured correctly to the actual time (go to Start, Control panel, Date ... Read More
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